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The Luminary Fitness Suite

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The Luminary is the College’s centrepiece for exercise, health and performance and can offer the most modern and effective ways of training to suit every level of fitness. Members can access a range of group exercise classes, complimentary health services, and personal plans, allowing an individualized service to help achieve personal goals.


Direct Debit Membership Payment taken on the first of every month.

•             External: £15 per month Joint: £28 per month
•             Students and Staff: £10 per month
•             Corporate / Service personnel: £15 per month
•             Weekend Membership: £7.50 per month
•             Cryospa: additional £10 per month to membership tariff

Optional Extras

1. Personal Training* For those wanting a little extra support, or help reaching a specific goal, working with one of our Personal Trainers is the fastest, safest and smartest way to get the results you want. £20-25 per hour session
2. Cryospa* The CET Cryospas are used by a variety of professional sports clubs to improve levels of rehabilitation and optimise sports recovery. Non-Members: £15/month for unlimited use. £2.50 per session. Special offers available: see the Cryospa leaflet.
3. Group Exercise* Get fit, add variation to your workout, have fun with friends and stay motivated for longer! Whether you prefer high energy, weight training or a more holistic approach to exercise we have a range of group exercise classes suitable for all levels of fitness. Free of Charge to Members | £3 per class to external members - check out our latest Group Exercise - Timetable HERE
4. Sports Laboratory*  Mini Health Check £8 | Functional Movement Analysis £15
5. Massage* Rehabilitation and remedial massage; Pre and post event massages; Sports massage: £20 per one hour session.


The North Entrance carpark, and side street of Albert Street will remain free to gym users and Flagship customers. Zone C in the new South carpark is allowed by the use of your membership card, which will produce a ticket. Use this ticket to pay for parking before leaving at the pay machine which is opposite the main reception. If there aren’t any spaces available there is a 10 minute delay before payment is due and the ticket will allow free exit within this timeframe. Parking here before 9am and after 5pm on weekdays will also be free of charge.

Opening Times

Monday - Friday 6.00am-9.00am + 1200pm-8.00pm / Saturday 8.00am-5.00pm / Sunday CLOSED

Telephone: 01429 857198 

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