Leading out of Lockdown - How to Prepare your Strategy and Culture

Will it be business as usual or a totally new normal? This course will help you smooth the transition back to work.
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The UK is now emerging from lockdown and many workplaces will be looking for a path back to some kind of normality.

It's likely that your organisation has new priorties and pressures now, and just going back to business as usual is not possible.

Over the past few weeks, your people will have made extraordinary adjustments to their ways of working. Some of the new ways of working may be better than your old ways. Some of your staff will have had to learn and grow to meet the challenges, while others have been furloughed and might need support as they return to work.

How can you build on what you have learned about yourself and your team?

This three hour virtual workshop will give you great techniques to plan yet another transition as you prepare for a return to a post pandemic world.

What you'll learn

  • Strategic choices - how to position, plan,and prepare so you can return to a postpandemic world
  • How has your culture changed?
  • What valuable insight and ways of working do you want to retain and build upon?
  • Decision making - placing value ondemands and making good strategicd ecisions when the future isn't clear
  • Risk literacy - how to deal with uncertainty and ambiguity and plan contingency for core priorities
  • How well are you leading the change - a chance to critique your approach, improve your emotional intelligence and reflect on what you want to develop in yourself
  • Managing expectations of those staffwho have stepped up, how can you continue to motivate and help those to return who have been away from work for a substantial period of time

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to plan now for the returnto a post-pandemic world and ensure yourorganisation or team is ready for business.

Your facilitator

Emma Walker-Cotton
Emma Walker-Cotton

Emma is an award winning trainer specialising in leadership development. She has over 20 years' experience of training design and delivery in both the public and private sector, including working as a director for a large housing association and for Amnesty International.

Emma is passionate about individuals having the opportunity to fulfil their potential and creates a positive, fun and stimulating learning environment. She always ensures that participants leave the day with practical skills they can use in their organisation. Emma has an MSc in Organisational Psychology and is qualified in running Psychometrics through the British Psychological Society.


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Leading out of Lockdown - How to Prepare your Strategy and Culture

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