Personal Impact & Effectiveness Training Courses

You might be an individual with sound technical skills but lack the self-confidence to take to the stage or influence others. Let our course facilitators develop your confidence by taking you through creative workshops, building your resilience and introducing you to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

With our wide range of personal development courses available – The Hub Events helps you identify areas of improvement and proactively equips you with the skills to apply your knowledge in any situation. We believe your business can reap rewards when you take the time to develop your own skills.

How to manage 'difficult' people and challenging behaviour in the workplace.
Practical tools to help you speak up and raise your profile in meetings and group situations
Learn how the skills of powerful influencers can be turned into practical tools that you can use to gain genuine buy-in, even in the most challenging situations.
Overcome your fear of public speaking
Assertive professionals can stand their ground and express their opinions confidently while respecting the needs and views of others.