Thinking on the Spot

Get your ideas across clearly - even when you have no time to think
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You've spent years sharpening your mind and honing your professional skills and knowledge. You're on top of your game. Then someone poses a question or asks you to present your thoughts and the worst happens – your mind goes blank!

Given time to think, you can put your ideas across clearly and coherently, without waffling or wandering off topic. But when you're put on the spot, you find it hard to order your thoughts and make your point.

In this intensive, fun and very practical workshop you'll learn how to manage any situation in which you are asked to think on the spot, whether facing one person or a room filled with people.

What you'll learn

  • how to think when under pressure
  • how to answer questions when you are put on the spot
  • what to do when you mind goes blank
  • how to answer audience questions when you are presenting
  • how to give an impromptu talk about (pretty much) anything
  • how to improvise around a subject
  • how to stall people when you don't have an immediate answer
  • how to deflect a question
  • how to become calm in an instant so you can deal more rationally with any situation

Who is it for?

The workshop is designed for anyone who is faced with a need to think on the spot in a professional situation. The tips, tricks and techniques that you will learn here can be used in a wide variety of situations (personally as well as professionally).


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Thinking on the Spot
23/09/20 9:30am - 4:30am